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Tulsa, Oklahoma Adjuster Training Careers

A career as a Tulsa, Oklahoma claims adjuster can be very rewarding and lucrative. Having the proper claim adjuster training makes you a valuable resource to insurance companies when a natural disaster hits. Adjuster Training Solutions knows that a claims adjuster that has the best credentials will be in high demand. That is why we offer many courses that will help you become an asset to the claim adjusting industry.

It is estimated that there are 12 billion claims filed each year. The need for highly trained claim adjusters is evident. As a qualified professional claim adjuster, you will be able to carve your place in the insurance industry.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Claim Adjuster Benefits

Independent Claims Adjuster – Becoming an independent claims adjuster gives you the ability to work when you want and make as much money as you want. You will create contracts with the insurance companies to carry out their claim work. With your training, you will be able to help clients that are victims of natural disasters with claims resolution and getting them help to resume a normal life. With training provided by Adjuster Training Solutions, you will be able to assess property damage and accurately file insurance claims on behalf of your Tulsa, Oklahoma clients.

Natural Disasters – The headlines have shown the powerful destruction that Mother Nature has dealt to residents of Tulsa. The U.S. Government has shown a consistent rise in the number of annual disaster declarations and it is expected to keep rising. As a highly trained Tulsa, Oklahoma claims adjuster you will be able to respond to the needs of insurance company clients when a disaster happens.

Texas All-Lines License – Having a Texas All-Lines Insurance License doesn't mean that you can only settle claims in Texas. This unique claim adjusting license allows you to settle claims in Oklahoma and over 40 other states. This license allows you to travel to natural disasters and help clients in need whenever a natural disaster happens.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Claims Adjuster Courses Offered

Adjuster Training Solutions is here to prepare you for an exciting career as a claims adjuster. We offer a number of different courses to help you get started as well as courses designed to help you settle specialized claim work. Plus, we offer continuing education to keep your certifications up to date.

Adjuster Training Solutions, a Texas-registered education provider (#33972), offers the following curriculum:

Xactimate – To help expedite claims, the insurance industry has embraced the Xactimate claim settling software. Adjuster Training Solutions offers courses to help you learn this valuable claim adjusting software so that you will be able to handle any natural disaster that happens. Course #24103. Learn more at Tulsa, Oklahoma Xactimate.

The Fundamentals of Adjusting – This course teaches you the basics of claim adjusting. Topics include scoping the loss, how to complete a statement of loss, the basics of construction, how to take proper measurements, policy evaluation, and photography of the claim. Course #24437. To learn more, go to Tulsa, Oklahoma Fundamentals of Adjusting.

Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing – This valuable license allows you to settle claims in many states across the country. It is the preferred license of the insurance industry. This is a 3-day comprehensive course that will prepare you to apply for the license. Course #24083. Learn more at Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing.

HAZWOPER – A course that is advantageous to claim adjusters who may work in environments that may have hazardous waste is HAZWOPER. This designation allows claim adjusters to provide claim settlement for clients who have been victims of hazardous materials. This is an online course offered by Adjuster Training Solutions. Learn more at Tulsa, Oklahoma HAZWOPER.

To see when all of the Adjuster Training Solutions courses are available, please visit Claim Adjuster Course Schedule.

To register for any of the courses offered by Adjuster Training Solutions, simply click on the Register Today button below.

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To get more information about any of the courses offered by Adjuster Training Solutions, give us a call today at 713-344-3223. You can also reach us with any questions that you may have about Tulsa, Oklahoma Adjuster Training Careers through the contact form provided below.

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